Wording, Fonts & Colours

Wording Options

The text inserts in your stationery are set specifically for you. We have standard wording templates as shown below or you can alter these to make them your own.

Please refer to the individual stationery pages for more information on wording and other options. You can state your preference for wording once you’ve placed your order – we’ll ask you for more details then!

We have a wide range of fonts available to be used on our stationery, both printed on the outside and for the inserts. The font can really change the style of the stationery, from a vintage feel, modern or traditional.

You’re welcome to change the colour of the font too. We generally print in a dark grey, however the choice is yours! (No metallics). We’ll ask you for the details when you’ve placed your order. Download our pdf fonts list here.


There are a wide range of Swarovski crystal choices and ribbon colours available. The images below show just a selection! If there’s a particular shade you’d like to match up to just let us know. If you provide us with a fabric swatch we can match it up to our colour charts to get as close as we possibly can to your colour. Please be aware that shades can look different on screen to real life!


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