Table Plans

Our wedding table plans are made in any of our handmade designs to your wedding colour scheme. The table plan created on a boxed stretched canvas measuring 50cm x 75cm. You can choose the seating plan to be set out either vertically or horizontally.

Our standard price includes up to 10 tables with a top table. We feature your design for each table, and carry the design right through the entire table plan. The images below show just a few designs and colourways! Table plans are between £95 and £115 depending on which design you choose, plus a small amount of P&P. The table plans are listed in each of the design categories to purchase directly through the website, so have a look at all of our designs and decide which you like best.

We also offer mini table plans (shown above), perfect for getting married abroad – you can take them on the plane with you! These are A3 in size and cost £45. Please contact us should you wish to order these, and note these are generally suitable for a few tables only.

Have a look at our gallery to review all the designs. Due to the size and delicate nature of our table plan, we send the plan by courier.

After you place an order we will contact you for all the details we need for the table plans, you can choose which orientation they are in or whether you’d prefer rectangular or circular tables too. We will need a full list of your names for each table, so usually ask for these around 3-4 weeks before the wedding date.

If you wish to discuss any of the designs, please contact us for further details.

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