Today, we’re chatting to Katie Dillon of Bliss Weddings about how to plan for the perfect wedding day. As always, we’re intrigued how people got started in the wedding business!

Tell us a about your business and what inspired you to set it up?

I have had quite an entrepreneurial upbringing as both of my parents have their own businesses and they have enjoyed much success. So I suppose that has rubbed off on me and I have always wanted to run my own business. In my early twenties I started to get a little restless in my job and wanted a career change but I knew I wanted something I could build from scratch. So I did my training with the Institute of Professional Wedding Planners and slowly but surely began to create Bliss Weddings. In May 2010 Bliss Weddings was officially created and is one of my proudest moments.

My aim is to provide an affordable service to the couples who really need the help of a wedding planner. There is a lot of stigma attached to what I do and people think it is only reserved for the rich and famous or large, extravagant weddings. This is not the case, I believe that it is the down to earth couple who go out to work all week, run a house and look after the children that deserve my services and my packages are priced with this in mind.

In January 2011 the Bliss Weddings Academy was formed and I offer Wedding Planning Workshops to Brides who need a little help in the right direction (Sophie: such a great idea!)  It is a fantastic way to learn from the professionals. All the documents you receive as based upon those I use when planning a wedding and the inspiration boards have been created mostly around North West companies so that they are useful as possible.

How do you like to work with your clients?

I like to help them create a day that is as individual as them. First of all I like to get to know them as a couple and get to know them as the people their family and friends love. It’s lovely to find out about the proposal and their journey together so far.

A Wedding Planner is a supplier but it isn’t that simple. I don’t just turn up on the day and carry out my duties. I can be booked before anything else and I will have helped them source everything there on the day itself. It really is much more than a business relationship, overtime it does turn into a friendship. I am the one who they run too in a crisis, I am the one they call when they find THE Dress and it is just so lovely for it to be this way.

Why are on the day items so important?

I am a stickler for detail and for me personally everything needs to match. Having co-ordinated items just completes ‘the look’ of the day and although your guests won’t notice you will and you will be sat at the top table looking around the room knowing that each and every aspect of your plans has come together perfectly. Perfection is a difficult thing to achieve but attention to detail is key so that you don’t look back and think ‘gosh I should have chose x’

What are the top 3 items on the day items you think a bride should choose?

My top 3 items if you’re keeping an eye on the budget are:

  • Favours ‒ they inject colour into the table. If you are having white or ivory linen you need to bring your tables to life.
  • Place Cards ‒ you need these to stop a free for all on the tables! Your guests will be able to find their seats with ease and they create an elegant look to the room. I think it just finishes the tables off nicely.
  • Table Cards ‒ your guests need to know which table to go to but more importantly you can have fun with naming the tables. You can name them after something significant to you and your partner or just express your personalities and the quirky side to you.  A Wedding can become quite a formal affair and the wedding breakfast is the time when your guests can start to relax so it is your job to create that kind of atmosphere.

How do you manage to switch off?

Switch off? I live and breathe weddings! I constantly have my Blackberry in my hand so if I am not emailing or texting a bride I am on the hunt for a supplier or a particular wedding cake design. When I do allow myself a little break I love spending time with my other half and my family. I love going to the cinema, reading books and listening to my iPod. I also have a little problem with magazines ‒ I can’t stop buying them, I just love celebrity gossip and looking at all the clothes I can’t afford. Wedding Magazines are my down fall though, I just can’t resist. Every issue delivered to my door before it’s out in store.

What’s your current favourite Cards by Sophie design?

Oh no don’t make me choose! I do love all the designs but my 2 favourites are Chic in the pocket fold ‒ I just think it is lovely how everything is tied together inside. Capture is my other favourite in the cheque book style and one of my brides has just ordered these and they are stunning ‒ thank you Sophie.

The recent Capture design in turquoise we completed for a client of Katie's
The recent Capture design in turquoise we completed for a client of Katie's

My clients love the quality of the cards as well as the design. They all comment on how well made and how reasonably priced they are. I have to leave them until last because I know that they won’t want to look all my other portfolios… but they do say leave the best until last.