Today on the Supplier Spotlight we introduce Andrea from …And All Things Nice. They sell some lovely bits and pieces in their shop and online!

1. Introduce yourself and your company!
I’m Andrea and I own … and all things nice.  With a store based in Hornsea, East Yorkshire and online.

2. What made you start your company?

I have always loved parties and all the pretty fun things that go alongside them so despite spending 3 years at University studying Economics and then working in finance based roles for a few years it’s no surprise that in the end the girly dream of working with all things pretty & celebratory came true.

Confetti Cones
Confetti Cones

3. Can you give us a typical ‘day in the life of’ – we’d love to know what you do day by day, even the what-might-seem-like-boring bits!

I tend to split my week up so I work in the store itself several days and then spend the rest of the week developing new designs, researching new products, keeping the website updated and working on future projects including our website in the making for the baby side of our business.

4. What do you enjoy most or what is your favourite part of your job?

I love speaking to customers and hearing about their weddings and helping to contribute to their special day.

Wedding Wishes
Wedding Wishes

5. How do you come up with your designs?

I tend to have creative days where once I start “faffing” and putting bits together ideas spring into my head faster than I can process them at times and I build on them or scrap ones that aren’t working from there.

6. How do you manage to mix your busy schedule with home and family life? Some secrets to your success please!

I accept that although I’d love an immaculate house it will always have off cuts of ribbon, paperwork and supplier brochures cluttering it! I also swear by my slow cooker or else we’d live on beans on toast!


7. Do you manage to ever switch off the phone or laptop, or always sneakily checking emails and calls 24/7?

I’m a self confessed workaholic, I don’t switch off very often in an evening but do try to leave work alone on a Sunday

8. What top tip would you give couples that are getting married?

Early planning saves a lots of stress and therefore a lot of arguments in the long run! It’s hard when you’ve to balance planning a wedding around work and other commitments but being organised will help you enjoy the run up to your big day.

9. What has been your most unusual request and did you manage to fulfil it?

Not sure I’ve had anything that unusual sorry!

10.  How long do you usually take from start to finish with a couple? Please explain the process that you run through with clients so our readers can schedule it all in…

It depends on their requirements if we’re planning wedding favours I always allow lots of time as although some couples know instantly others can take much longer to decide which is fine as I like to know they’re happy with their decision as it’s the part of the wedding besides the memories that the guests take home.  We would then normally make a sample up I the required colours / style and then when approved schedule the making of them in to fit with when the couple would like them to arrive.

Chocolate Favours
Chocolate Favours

11.  When do you recommend placing an order, please tell us how much notice do you need and how far should couples order in advance of the wedding?

We always try as hard as possible to accommodate all orders but we do ideally need a minimum of 2 weeks notice during quieter times and for weddings during May- Sept we recommend booking them in as early as possible  but ideally 2 months prior to the collection / delivery date you would like to ensure all components are in stock etc…

Thank you Andrea! Hope you found that useful, if you’d like to find out any more please visit the …and all things nice website or contact Andrea directly.

If you’re a wedding supplier and would like to be on the blog, please get in touch!